3 Easy Ways To Tune-up Your Clean Burn Or Clean Energy Waste-oil Furnace

Service Plan #1

  • We’ll do it all! You just make the call and we’ll give your Clean Burn furnace the complete system tune-up including:
    • Complete system inspection
    • Check for proper operation
    • Clean out ash from the furnace
    • Clean the stack
    • Clean the filters
    • Remove and clean the burner
    • Install burner service kit (replaceable wear items)
    • Reinstall and adjust the burner
    • Comprehensive performance check, set the draft
    • Report the tune-up results to you

Service Plan #2

  • We tune and clean the burner, you clean the furnace. Ship the burner to us for service. Our burner service includes:
    • Replace the nozzle, electrodes, regulator parts, solenoid parts, and O-rings
    • Completely flush and clean the burner block – extra clean in our ultrasonic to make it like new
    • Test fire the burner and return it to you in a new box

Service Plan #3

  • Do-it-yourself. We send you the Clean Burn service kit and you do the work yourself. The service kit includes:
    • Parts kit including nozzle, electrodes, regulator parts, solenoid parts, and O-rings
    • Optional Flue Brush and handle

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